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Awaken your body’s amazing natural ability to heal.

Sophisticated medicine meets personalized care at The BioMed Center New England, where patients come to rebalance and rebuild, and take control of their health and wellbeing. We see thousands of symptoms but one common result: People feel better.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Your health and wellness are our top priority — and that includes your safety and the safety of our team. The BioMed Center of New England is open for patient appointments.Read our protocols for creating a safe environment of care, and call with your questions or to schedule an appointment: 833-824-6633.

Vitality. Resilience. Healing.

The BioMed Center is New England’s most advanced resource for patients who are looking for a different approach to health care concerns. With our cutting-edge technology and personalized approach, we'll explore the cause of your symptoms and help your body heal itself.

Holistic Dentist | The BioMed Center New England

Treating the Root Cause to Support Holistic Health

Symptoms are obvious — we can see them, feel them, sense them and sometimes even measure them. What is not so obvious is that the source of that symptom may be lodged somewhere else in your body, waiting to be uncovered. It can be found, but only if someone with the right experience and diagnostic tools is looking for it. A symptom is the expression or manifestation of an illness, it is not an illness in itself. We treat the causes of illness, not the symptoms of it.

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Don't Let Another Day Go By

From your first visit (even the first phone call) you'll be answering questions and explaining who you are, what you want for your health, and how we can work together to achieve that. During your first visit, you’ll have a series of comprehensive noninvasive health assessments that will serve as the basis for your personalized course of care.

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Holistic Dentistry | The BioMed Center New England

Resources and Events

The Restorative Effects of Sleep | BioBites

The Restorative Effects of Sleep

Join guest speaker Dr. Jeoff Drobot on February 2nd for a conversation about the function of sleep, sleep deficiencies and how to establish good sleeping habits.

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Mind-Body: How Stress and Anxiety Affect Your Health

Join us for an eye-opening virtual conversation on January 5 with Dr. Dickson Thom about stress and anxiety.

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