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Visit North America’s most comprehensive center for bioregulatory medicine. Our caring medical and dental experts use advanced technology to treat you, not your symptoms.


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From the moment you arrive at our center you will sense our patient-centric approach.

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Our Unique Facility

At the American Center for Bioregulatory Medicine and Dentistry (The BioMed Center New England), we took the best technologies from around the globe and brought them into one facility, seamlessly integrating medicine and dentistry to treat the whole patient and a range of systems.

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Assessments and Therapeutics

Our fast, painless, and nontoxic therapeutics follow a noninvasive prevention and healing medical model committed to addressing the root cause of illness. We focus on preventing, reversing, and correcting the deepest roots of chronic and degenerative disease by restoring your body’s systematic processes.

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The BioMed Center Treatments and Assessements

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