Bioregulatory Dental Services

Natural Dentistry for Holistic Health

As science learns more about the microbial ecosystems that thrive in the body, our theories of disease and wellness are being rewritten. Natural dentistry at The BioMed Center New England preserves microbial balance and avoids harmful materials, integrating Bioregulatory practices and technologies with theories from traditional Chinese medicine to protect the synergies between man and microbe and enhance overall health.

bioregulatory dentistry assessment

Dental Assessments Discover Root Causes

Informed dental assessments can spot evidence of systemic disease in a patient’s mouth before they are even aware of the condition. For example, symptoms on the tongue’s surface can correspond to issues in corresponding areas of the body. Our skilled holistic dentists and practitioners may uncover underlying causes of chronic inflammation through careful oral examination.

Unparalleled Integrated Bioregulatory Dental and Medical Care

Combining Bioregulatory Dentistry and Medical care under one roof ensures truly integrated care. Using oral health issues to provide clues to undiagnosed conditions or reveal causes of existing symptoms, our world-renowned biological dentistry experts collaborate with physicians and other bioregulatory medicine experts to develop and deliver individualized treatment strategies.




Bioregulatory Dental Services