Bioregulatory Dental Services

The Link Between Oral Health & Disease

There is rapidly advancing research that shows a strong link between the health of the mouth and that of the body. Oral infection and inflammatory disease are associated with systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pre-term low birth weight, and some cancers.  Inflammation in the mouth triggers a local response which can move throughout the body. Bacteria too, can migrate from the mouth to other areas such as the heart, joints and lungs. Conversely, systemic disease also manifests in the mouth, with dentists often seeing first signs of a “body” problem, such as leukemia, as it shows up in the mouth.

Additionally, many people do not realize that our microbiome, most often associated with our gut, begins in the mouth. Research continues to reveal the importance of healthy microbiome flora, healthy tissues and the many factors that can either aid or disrupt it. 

The mouth truly is the gateway to the body.

Body-Friendly Dentistry

Bioregulatory dentistry honors all of that: knowing that the body and mouth are linked and one, with health or disease often having an overall impact. With this also comes an awareness of the variety of materials and products that are used in the mouth. From toothpastes and mouth rinses to dental filling materials, crowns and implants, we have become more aware of how compatible (biocompatible) or toxic they are to tissues in the mouth and microbiome, and the further effects they may have on the body. (See our Patient Resources page for books and articles of interest about oral toxicology.)

Holistic Dentists at The BioMed Center New England

Our integrative biologic dentists also offer patients whole-body/mind support using other services and therapies at the Center, including IV therapies for hydration, immune support and to aid in detoxification; nutritional and supplement recommendations to support healing, comfort and health; saliva and blood testing for material sensitivity, acidity and bacterial load; and services provided by therapists for TMJ relief and reduction of dental anxiety.

Your dental team at The BioMed Center New England are trained in this body-friendly biologic dentistry, with knowledge and skills that will ensure your dentistry is the most biocompatible, minimally- invasive, beautiful and longest-lasting as possible.

All of this leads to what you will discover as a new dental patient at The BioMed Center: your mouth integrated with your body, and whole-body care that improves the health of all your systems. You are welcome to experience the difference of bioregulatory dentistry.

Your First Dental Visit

At your first dental visit, you’ll be an active participant of co-discovery, along with your dentist and hygienist. It starts in our library getting to know you and reviewing information from your questionnaires. You’ll then move to a treatment room for a thorough dental exam that includes photographs, dental imaging (including a cone beam CT scan), oral cancer screening, and full charting of your teeth, gum and tissue health. Every new dental patient will schedule the first appointment for 1½ to 2 hours.

Holistic Dentistry Assessments and Services

In most cases, you’ll be invited back the following week for a shorter second appointment to discuss the findings. This allows your dentist time to review all the information from your exam and consider options for your treatment, based on your goals. At this Review of Findings appointment, you’ll gain a larger understanding of your oral health and what it all means, as well as options and recommendations for treatment. Then the decisions are up to you as we plan your timeline and appointments from there.

What You Can Expect

  • A guided process of conversation and co-discovery helps you learn about, understand and appreciate everything about your dental health. 
  • You’ll be assisted to create an individualized care plan towards your own health goals. No pressure, no judgment — just support.  
  • If you have dental fear or difficulty having treatment, you’ll have choices for reducing anxiety, including pre-treatment use of the Soundbed, Sonix, MindAlive, supplements or inhalation anxiolytics as options for your appointments. 
  • Enjoy our state-of-the-art dental technology for easier visits, higher quality and more efficiency.
  • Highly skilled dentists and other professionals working with a gentle, caring, friendly manner, all with your comfort in mind.

Our role in this partnership with you is to ensure you have full knowledge about your oral health and how that impacts your overall health; that you understand your options for care so you can reach your desired health goals; and to provide guidance and support for your decisions. Let us know how we can be of further service.

Bioregulatory Dental Services

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