Dental Assessments

Looking for Answers? Open Wide.

As the window into and the mirror of the body, the mouth can hold the key to health issues behind your smile.  At The BioMed Center New England, oral exams conducted by our natural dentists and practitioners can uncover systemic imbalances, chronic inflammation and hidden conditions.

3d Cone Beam Machine

Our Full Dental Evaluation includes:

  • Intraoral/Extraoral Dental Examination
  • Periodontal Examination and Periodontal Charting
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Occlusal and TMJ Analysis
  • Full Mouth Series Radiographs
  • 3-D Conebeam
  • Comprehensive dental treatment plan


Uncover the causes behind your discomfort through the medical and dental assessments at the BioMed Center New England by scheduling a consultation today.