Bioregulatory Healthcare

Is something out of sync?

Bioregulatory healthcare is a modern approach to medicine and dentistry that respects your body’s unique story, trusts in its inherent wisdom to heal, and integrates traditional medicine with current research on the interconnections between all of your biological systems.

These systems, which together create a network biology, work best in concert with one another. Evolved out of the tradition of integrated and functional medicine, The BioMed Center New England is here to help restore your inner harmony.

bioregulatory medicine

Are you at your optimal health?

We all live and move along a spectrum of health, from critical disease on one end to optimal health on the other. If you feel that you are not at your highest level of health, are you aware of what might be keeping you from it? If you feel that something is not right, we’re here to listen and help you discover the right path for you.

Do you have unexplained symptoms?

If previous approaches to symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation or emotional strain have fallen short of your expectations, we’d like to work with you to find the underlying cause of your discomfort and explore options for further care.

You know your body and your experience.

You have a unique set of experiences and personal aspirations for your health. We will listen and honor your story and help you turn the obstacles you have faced into opportunities for healing. We will do our best to meet you where you are and help you support your body’s own innate restorative abilities.

Contact us today to set up your initial consultation and assessment. We’ll work together to develop your own individualized plan to achieve your health goals.