Bioregulatory Health Care

At the BioMed Center New England, we help identify and address the root cause of illness through a personalized approach using bioregulatory health care.

Bioregulatory health care is a comprehensive, evidence-based, and holistic medical model that focuses on creating individually-tailored treatment plans. It has been used and refined for over five thousand years by some of the brightest minds in medicine, science, and philosophy. It is known internationally as European Biological Medicine, bioregulatory systems medicine, Swiss biological medicine, or biological regulatory medicine.

Bioregulatory Health Care

Bioregulatory medicine aims to eliminate symptoms by supporting and restoring the body’s own intrinsic healing mechanisms. It encompasses the following areas, using both natural and technologically-advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment:

  • Disease prevention
  • Optimizing performance
  • Chronic and degenerative illness treatment

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Personalized, Holistic Medicine

The world’s oldest medical systems are India’s Ayurveda and China’s traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), both dating back almost six thousand years. The focus of both these models — and from where the BioMed Center New England pulls its oldest roots — is on the patient rather than the disease. Promoting health and enhancing the quality of life in each of these medical systems has been accomplished through the use of therapeutic strategies applied in a holistic fashion. Holistic medicine views the body as a complete internal and external system that reacts to its environment. These ancient healing models also focus on the mind, spirit, and emotions. Holistic medicine is far from a new concept, it’s the oldest medical model there is.

There is no cell and no system inside your body that works independently. True bioregulatory medicine uses naturally occurring and energetically active compounds that have the safest and greatest biological effect on humans, working in harmony with the body as opposed to against it. Every bioregulating system is intimately connected; when communication either within or between these systems fails, dysregulation and symptoms will follow.

“Dis-ease” happens when one or more of these systems is pushed out of balance, though there is rarely a single cause of disease. Modern chronic and degenerative illnesses usually have at least five regulatory systems that are out of balance. While patients might have the same disease or prognosis, the manifestation of illness is entirely bioindividual and must be treated and prevented on a personalized level. All of the treatments offered at the BioMed Center New England are used in many different combinations and integrations determined specifically to the individual. This is truly personalized medicine.

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Bioregulatory Medicine

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