A Holistic Approach

“One size” never really fits ALL.

Bioregulatory medicine aims to address the whole person  from the inside out (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental). It is a biologically oriented approach to medicine, aiming to eliminate symptoms by supporting, and restoring the body’s own intrinsic healing mechanisms.

Conventional allopathic medicine often treats or manages disease states (or diagnoses) by attempting to relieve symptoms and/or change individual lab measurements for generalized health outcomes. Bioregulatory Medicine creates individually tailored treatment plans to address unique sets of causative factors through an integrated, multi-level approach.  It recognizes that symptoms are a clue to what the body is doing to address some underlying dis-ease and works with to support its innate healing process.

Nutrition Center | BioMed NE

The health of your mouth appears to have a profound impact on the rest of your body. Even low-grade gum disease has been associated with serious systemic problems. Since our dentists and physicians collaborate on assessments and therapeutics, your path to wellness will take into account your entire body and its interrelated systems.

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