Bioregulatory Medical Services

At the BioMed Center New England, our multi-level approach to care derives from a strong emphasis on comprehensive assessment and collaboration. Our experienced biomedical doctors take into account a person’s history, as well as all of the unique elements and experiences that contribute to a patient’s emotional and physical make-up. This complexity is why bioregulatory medicine utilizes a multi-diagnostic approach in order to discover all the causative factors involved in an illness and formulate a customized individualized treatment plan.

bioregulatory assessment


First, you will be heard. We will listen to your insights into your own experiences to help guide our treatment approach. We will strive to uncover underlying causes of illnesses and develop integrated therapeutics to address these causes.

Before any treatments are administered, a full array of tests and measurements will assess the state of your body’s systems. These results can help reveal the underlying causes of symptoms, and direct your team of treatment specialists to plan the correct course of therapeutics.

Testing at the BioMed Center is fast, painless, and nontoxic. It can detect disease patterns before they start, and catch them before they progress.

These non-invasive analyses form the bedrock of treatment at the BioMed Center New England. Whether finding equilibrium through out-patient services or embarking in an extended stay, bioregulatory assessment is the first step to wellness.

The Comprehensive Assessment Bundle includes:

Each assessment package also features the collaborative assessment efforts of the team and an extended visit with the lead physician overseeing your care.


The BioMed Center New England gives you access to therapeutics that support the human body’s potential to regulate, adapt, regenerate, and self-heal. By individually combining ancient wellness traditions with modern technological advancements, our biomedical doctors use integrated services promote wellness, comfort and autonomy. Check out our full suite of therapeutics to treat a wide range of symptoms and patients.

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Bioregulatory Medical Services

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Bioregulatory Medicine

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