Bioregulatory Medicine Therapeutics

The BioMed Center New England combines expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to offer an unparalleled array of treatments. Our services can alleviate conditions by addressing their underlying causes on the cellular and systemic level. Using a variety of services allows for individualized treatment strategies.

Keeping pace with constant technological advancements, bioregulatory medicine incorporates the best of the natural, classical, time-tested therapeutics and the best modern hi-tech treatments the world has to offer. Most importantly, every single treatment is aimed to support an individual’s ability to regulate, adapt, regenerate, and self-heal.

For a comprehensive assessment and treatment program, check out our bundled services for the best value.

bioregulatory treatments



Clear Mind Brain Map and Neurofeedback (NF)

colon hydrotherapy treatment | The BioMed Center of New England

Colon Hydrotherapy

Electrons Plus

Electron’s Plus

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

lymphstar treatment | The BioMed Center of New England

Hemo-Sonic Lymph & Tissue Light

PEMF with Biofeedback

iMRS PEMF full body mat (pulsed electromagnetic frequency)

soundbed therapy | The BioMed Center of New England

InnerSoul Tranquility Liquid Sound Table™

IV Therapy

Intravenous Therapy (IV)

Ion Cleanse Footbath

Ion Cleanse

Nano Vi Therapy


bioregulatory treatments


hypothermia treatment | The BioMed Center of New England

SOLO Sauna Infrared Therapy

Sonix Whole Body

Sonix Whole Body Vibration

Structural Energetic Therapy

Structural Energetic Therapy (SET)


Help Your Body Heal Itself

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