A woman of color blows her nose into a tissue as a result of a sinus infection.

4 Ways to Beat a Sinus Infection

Spring is officially here, which means that flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and your sinuses–well, they might be suffering. If you’re one of the nearly 35 million people who get a sinus infection yearly, then you may be looking for relief. Here, we’ll discuss four ways to beat a sinus infection, and how IV…

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A close-up and colorized depiction of five covid cells.

6 COVID-19 Facts That Might Surprise You

Cities across the country are lowering their COVID-19 restrictions. However, the virus is still lingering. Fortunately, the BioMed Center of New England has holistic health solutions and effective treatments to keep you safe. New and existing patients can schedule appointments by calling 401-443-4007 or messaging us online here. Our team of skilled providers has extensive…

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