A very close up picture of a water droplet bouncing off the surface of a larger body of water to indicate the importance of hydration

The Unbelievable Truth about Hydration

Staying healthy requires adequate hydration. But, how do we know if we’re getting enough fluids? And how do we know which hydration method is best–plain water, sports drinks, or IV therapy?  Getting and staying hydrated doesn’t have to be a struggle. That’s why Vitality IV, powered by the BioMed Center of New England, is here…

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A black and white photo of a stethoscope indicating the similarities between traditional and holistic health.

Don’t fall for these 5 shocking myths about holistic health!

For many, holistic health seems like an unobtainable or phony medical fad. However, holistic health and medicine isn’t a sham–it’s a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to traditional healthcare. At the BioMed Center of New England, our team of knowledgeable providers expertly helps our patients reestablish optimal health for total-body wellness. Getting started on your…

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A close-up of a man's hands cupping and obscene amount of immunity boosting vitamins and supplements.

7 Immunity-boosting Supplements You Need to be Taking Right Now

Our immune systems are our frontline defense against disease and illness. Therefore, supporting our defense system with immunity-boosting vitamins and supplements is the best way to maintain our health. At the BioMed Center of New England, we believe that supplements shouldn’t just be effective–they should be ethically sourced and sustainable, too. That’s why our team…

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A shade guide is held up to a patient's wide smile in order to determine the best shade for their new porcelain veneers

What to Expect: Porcelain Veneers at Our Biological Dental Center

Everyone wants an award-winning smile, which is why cosmetic dental procedures are gaining in popularity. But, while procedures like teeth whitening treatments are common, their beautifying effects eventually wear off. However, porcelain veneers are a durable, long-term biological dentistry solution to get the smile of your dreams.  At Well Rooted Dentistry, powered by the BioMed…

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