The lower portion of a young woman's smiling face with her hand gently supporting the underside of her chin as a dental mirror reflects an image of her exposed teeth.

Holistic Dentists Bust 4 Common Myths 

Many people believe that alternative healthcare is a baseless and ineffective form of medicine. However, extensive research suggests that alternative treatments and holistic medicine offer many evidence-based benefits. And holistic dentists who practice biological dentistry are no exception. Nevertheless, alternative healthcare is still met with skepticism and disbelief. That’s why Well Rooted Dentistry, powered by…

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a man is sitting in a comfortable chair while a nurse inserts a needle into his forearm to administer IV therapy

Are all IV infusion labs safe?

Celebrities and the media have been sensationalizing intravenous (IV) therapy for years. If this has piqued your curiosity about infusions, then you might be wondering if IV therapy is worth the hype. The short answer is: yes! However, not all IV infusion labs and cocktails are created equally. At Vitality IV, powered by the BioMed…

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