Health and wellness

What’s the difference between health and wellness?

The terms health and wellness are often used interchangeably. They are, however, slightly different concepts. Understanding the differences can help you achieve the optimal level of both. The team at the BioMed Center New England in Providence, RI, can provide you with the holistic treatments, products, and knowledge to help you attain peak health and…

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Managing Fatigue at BioMed Center New England

How to Recognize and Manage Fatigue

Exhaustion is a part of modern life for most adults. But how tired is too tired? Fatigue extends beyond feelings of normal tiredness or sleepiness, and can negatively affect many areas of a person’s life.  The team at the Biomed Center New England in Providence, RI, can help you get to the root of your…

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Woman making a heart shape with her hands over her stomach.

Ten Proven Ways to Improve Gut Health

The importance of gut health to overall health has become the subject of much scientific study.  In the digestive tract lies a multitude of “good” bacteria and other microorganisms. Keeping the right balance of these microorganisms is important for physical and mental health, and also, importantly for natural immunity. This ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, and…

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