A decreased level of energy is usually the first thing we notice when we’re not feeling our best.

Emotional and physical stress, toxins from our diet and environment, and the natural process of aging tax our vital energy reserves.

What if, like an electric car, we could simply plug ourselves in and charge up the energy levels in our body? Well, now you can!

Mitochondria are energy-producing powerhouses that are present in every cell in the body. This energy allows us to think, move, digest, and metabolize. Each step in the Cell Circuit is designed to enhance the energy-producing abilities of the mitochondria so your body can function at a higher level and you can feel your best!

Cell Circuit Activates & Recharges Vitality

It is virtually impossible to accomplish this cellular environment in any other environment than our unique patented Cell Circuit. The more you charge your cells and build the machinery, the longer the effects will last.

The Cell Circuit is designed to utilize multiple biohacking tools over a 30-45-minute period that will be led by a BioMed Center team member including Pressotherapy, EWOT, PEMF and Nutrient Replenishment IV.


The first stage of the Cell Circuit creates an environment the body can build energy upon. Massaging one of the primary Parasympathetic Nervous system organs, the Lymphatic System with gentle compression begins the RELAXATION process. Think of this like stretching your muscles before a workout; preparation is a big key to performance!


  • Creates a peaceful environment to build up cellular energy
  • Enhances the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Gently massages the lymphatic system via compression
  • Encourages blood flow
cloud with z's representing sleep


Next, we want to begin building cellular energy by REOXYGENATING the body’s vital cells and tissues. Oxygen and electrons are two crucial ‘cellular currencies’ necessary to produce the end result of energy—ATP. Loading the body with oxygen supersaturates cells and tissues creating “horsepower” within the blood plasma. This new faster blood movement with infused oxygen pushes deep into the tissues, extremities and the brain reducing inflammation, energizing the cells and helping to re-establish blood flow to low voltage areas of the body.

Exercise With Oxygen Training: EWOT

  • Load the body’s vital cells and tissue with oxygen
  • Creates ‘horsepower’ within the blood plasma
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Re-establishes blood flow to low voltage area of the body
iconography of blood cells


Next, we take the body through Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to stimulate cellular repair. Now that low voltage areas of blood flow have been re-established and bathed in oxygen, the body’s electrical circuitry is RECHARGED through PEMF to combat and prevent disease and degeneration.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy: PEMF

  • Energizes cells using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  • Stimulates cell repair
  • Combats and prevents disease and degeneration
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Strengthens immune system
iconography of a battery


Lastly, we add some ‘gas’ to keep the engine revving by REPLENISHING key vitamins and minerals to catalyze energy production. With oxygen, electrons, and now the energy-producing vitamins and minerals surrounding the cells, energy production will be optimized.

Nutrient Injection or Infusion

BioClassic and BioPower

determined by your practitioner

  • Replenishes key vitamins and minerals to catalyze energy production
  • Creates more ‘gas’ to keep your engine revving
iconography of a pill and a chemical structure


Introductory launch fees

$315 for single session

20% savings from regularly priced therapies


6 weeks, once weekly $1300

30% savings from regularly priced therapies

6 weeks, twice weekly $2450

35% savings from regularly priced therapies

Have a question about what frequency is right for you? Call now to have our practitioners help you find the right fit.

Paving the Way for a Healthier You

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