You’re doing everything you can to eat right and exercise, but with the modern environment we live in, our body could use some extra help with the complicated process of detoxification.

Every day we’re exposed to toxins, whether it’s plastic from water bottles, breathing in car exhaust as you walk outside, or the lotion you rub on your skin, toxins are everywhere.

When our toxic load gets heavier and heavier, and our bodies start to slow down as we age, the detox process can get a bit sluggish, and that’s exactly how we start to feel.

You may have seen detox “products” sold before, but they all seem to ignore the body’s innate ability to detox.They try to replace the complex system with a simple pill or a daily shake.

We recognize the body’s amazing ability to neutralize and excrete toxins and we’ve created a program that enhances each step in that process. Working with your body will always yield the best results.

Cleanse Circuit Neutralizes & Eliminates Toxins

Living a healthy lifestyle is absolutely necessary to keep your toxin load low, but the Cleanse Circuit offers you a deep clean that healthy habits just can’t provide.

The 4 stages of the Cleanse Circuitare optimally performed for 3 weeks at a time for a total of 9 weeks or 3 continuous cycles each year. These include: Infrared Sauna, Pressotherapy, Colonic and Nutrient Replenishment IV.


The first stage of the Cleanse Circuit uses the Infrared Sauna to improve circulation and mobilize toxins from fat cells towards elimination. Improving your circulation is one of the best ways you can support your body’s ability to detox. There are different types of saunas we use that have various benefits including improved immunity, reduced inflammation, and even antimicrobial effects.

Infrared Sauna

  • Increases blood flow improving circulation
  • Optimizes lymph function by promoting the elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood
  • Cellular energy restored
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Next, we boost your lymphatic system which is responsible for ensuring that toxins can be mobilized into the bloodstream so they can be transported through the liver and processed for detoxification. Using FlowPresso, we’re able to mimic the body’s own pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system. It uses non-invasive, gentle compression that ensures the lymph keeps moving along, and with it, the waste and toxins you need to get rid of.


  • Creates a peaceful environment to build up cellular energy
  • Enhances the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Gently massages the lymphatic system via compression
  • Encourages blood flow
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Once the liver processes the body’s waste and toxins, they need to be eliminated. The aim during the REMOVE phase of the Cleanse Circuit, is to help clean out the digestive tract while you work on the other factors that may be causing it trouble. Using colon hydrotherapy, a technique that dates back thousands of years for digestive health, we support the flow of waste out of the digestive system, effectively flushing the colon and cleaning it naturally but gently.

Colonic Therapy:

  • Optimizes waste elimination from gastrointestinal system
  • Improves nutrient absorption in the small intestine
  • Balances healthy gut flora improving immune function
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Lastly, the final step of the Cleanse Circuit aims to REACTIVATE not only your detoxification processes but your body as a whole. This is not just your average nutritional IV; the Bio Detox contains two detox powerhouses, the liver’s master antioxidant, glutathione, and the cell-protecting nutrient phosphatidylcholine. Combine this with detoxification supporting vitamin C, magnesium, a B complex, and more, you’re sure to leave feeling nothing but energized and refreshed.

Nutrient Injection or Infusion

BioClassic and BioDetox

  • Replenishes key vitamins and minerals to catalyze energy production
  • Creates more ‘gas’ to keep your engine revving
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Introductory launch fees

$320 for single session

20% savings from regularly priced therapies


Over 21 weeks, once weekly $1300

30% savings from regularly priced therapies

Over 21 weeks, twice weekly $2450

35% savings from regularly priced therapies

Have a question about what frequency is right for you? Call now to have our practitioners help you find the right fit.

Paving the Way for a Healthier You

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