Creating a Safe Environment of Care in the Covid-19 Pandemic

written on: May 18th, 2020

The BioMed Center is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment of care for patients, visitors and employees in all instances. 

safe environment of dentistry during COVID-19

Our policies and procedures are carefully created and maintained in compliance with State of Rhode Island and Federal guidelines. Nothing is more important than keeping our visitors and employees safe, in our collective pursuit of health care. 

Key Measures & Safety Protocols: 

  • Health Requirements for In-Person Appointments — our scheduling and reception team will share our safety policies and what to expect
  • Employee Health Requirements — all BioMed Center employees are free of Covid-19 signs and symptoms, for at least 14 days, and are temperature-checked daily
  • Mandatory Health Screenings — patients scheduled for an appointment will be health screened by telephone 48 hours in advance of the appointment, and all visitors are temperature checked upon arrival 
  • Mandatory Use of Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) — face masks are worn by staff at all times, and appropriate use of PPE (masks, gloves, goggles, face shields, gowns, booties and bouffant caps) is carefully governed for every patient encounter — consultations, treatments, therapies, diagnostics and specimen collection
  • Cleaning Controls & Sanitizing — all surfaces, chairs, cabinets and handles, door handles, business equipment and clinical equipment are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day — and rigorously after each patient visit in all clinical areas. The Center is thoroughly cleaned each evening after patient appointment days. 
  • Facility — signage and control practice reminders are posted throughout the Center, in compliance with all state and federal guidelines limiting occupancy and social distancing within the facility 

Day of Your Visit: 

  1. Arrival: Park in a space labeled “BIOMED” and call the Center from your vehicle to alert the reception desk of your arrival. Following a successful screening by phone, Center staff will advise you to wait in your vehicle until called to enter, based on current patient occupancy and any social distancing requirements. You must be wearing your mask before entering the Center. 
  2. Entry: Upon entering the facility, you will stop at the reception desk to have your temperature checked by digital temporal thermometer, confirm a recorded temperature less than 100.4 F and sanitize your hands. Because patient circulation within the Center is carefully controlled, there should be no lines at reception and check out areas, to maintain social distancing and patient privacy. 
  3. Workflow: All Center staff are specially trained on up-to-date ambulatory care safety practices and will carefully coordinate your visit workflow and treatments. We are continuously and rigorously evaluating and implementing the highest standards and best practices issued by the CDC for infection prevention. 

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