Mind-Body: How Stress and Anxiety Affect Your Health

When: January 5, 2020 • 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm
Where: a Virtual Session

How many of you feel like stress and anxiety are holding you back?

Modern life is tough. Stress and anxiety disorders have an insidious effect on our health. They become part of our “normal” so much that we’re likely blind to their effect or just how much we’re tolerating. Until disease strikes. 

There’s a saying that there are two ways to go bankrupt: “Gradually, and then suddenly.” 

Just like our finances, our bodies can be restored to balance before we get into a health bankruptcy position. We can map and measure our nervous system — and see where we are not in balance and most importantly, we can correct it. 

Dr. Dickson Thom is our guest speaker for our next virtual BioBites educational hour. Join us for an eye-opening conversation about: 

  • The neuroscience 
  • Ways to restore balance and resilience
  • Activities, devices, therapies and supplements that make a difference

Email your questions in advance to: kmannix@marioninstitute.org.

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