Health, Resilience and Actions to Take in the Face of COVID-19

written on: March 16th, 2020

As a healthcare team dedicated to supporting individuals’ immune systems and overall health and resiliency, we share advice for living in a world impacted by COVID-19, the Coronavirus.

1. Boost your immune system!

There are so many non-pharmaceutical immune-boosters and flu remedies — use any or all of them, in any combination: high-dose Vitamin C, vitamin D, turmeric, guna, elderberry, astragalus, echinacea, goldenseal, L-lysine, quercetin, mushrooms, oregano, and probiotics. (Specific dosing guidelines are below.) 

Try dry-brushing before you shower, which helps to detoxify by increasing blood circulation and lymph flow. If you’ve never tried it, dry brushing is also wonderful for exfoliating dry winter skin, and makes you feel invigorated afterward. Brush toward the center of the body and the heart.

Get plenty of rest, and don’t forget to play: Fresh air and exposure to dirt are good for you (if you don’t have an already-compromised immune system)! 

2. Practice handwashing!

Even better than using hand-sanitizer (which is out of stock most places anyway), is tried-and-true handwashing technique. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, and with attention: lather front and back, between the fingers. Dry your hands completely — this is important. Moisturize with organic ingredients.

The entire process should take a full minute. Watch this video:

3. Don’t panic!

Try to insulate yourself from the panic of the news media and stock market. Fear doesn’t serve our bodies. Stay positive. Practice gratitude, meditation and breathwork.

4. Eat nutritious foods!

Good health starts in the gut. Take care of your microbiome. After all, your digestive system is full of bacteria that belongs there. Eat whole foods as much as possible. Avoid processed foods, anything that comes in a box, and toxins.

Most importantly, follow the recommendations by the CDC and WHO to limit social contact, stay home if you’re just a little bit ill and wash your hands.  

We watch viruses closely in every wave, and how they take advantage by mutating quickly and targeting people who are already fragile or biologically compromised. 

We’re here to support you, in sickness and in health. 

Supplement Dosing Recommendations for Maximum Efficacy & Absorption

Vitamin C 1000 mg      2-4 times a day   
Vitamin D5000- 10000 IUDaily for 2 weeks  
Selenium100 mcgOnce daily
Astragalus500 mgDaily
Turmeric 1000 mg      Twice a day 
Elderberry extract or syrup1 TBTwice a day
Quercetin500 mgDaily
Echinacea with goldenseal 450 mgDaily
Oregano tincture (diluted in water) 1 dropperTwice a day 

Also: The BioMed Center of New England has access to very effective homeopathics for modern illness by GUNA, including GUNA Flu & Respiratory Support and Low Dose Cytokine Support. Call us for details: 833-824-6633.

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