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It’s no lie — when you walk through our door you’ll feel and see the difference we’ve created. Although we’re the largest bioregulatory medical and dental center in North America, you’ll experience feelings of welcome, warmth and peace as you enter our space. 

The design is both intentional and inspirational to promote restoration and wellness through the principles of biophilia. Moss walls draw you in and serve to ground you as you move along a circular path throughout the main floor. The use of natural and indirect light, natural hardscape materials and nature-inspired patterns remind you alternatively of warm afternoon sunshine, a leaf-strewn forest floor, rugged canyon walls, undulating clouds overhead. 

The main floor is where you’ll find many of our medical assessment and therapy rooms, our IV Lounge and the Ion Room. The entire north corridor is dedicated to our dental patients with five comfortable rooms for dental hygiene care, dental treatments and a dental laboratory.

You are welcome to rest and settle in our Nourishment Center, comfortably lined with tables and seating, bookcases of interesting reads, and a kitchen area that will nourish both body and soul. The area is available to you before, between and after your therapies throughout the day.

Downstairs, you’ll find more treatment rooms for bodywork and improving physical and mental performance. Walls throughout the facility are adorned with bright colorful artwork, all following the nature theme.  

Air in the Center is filtered, unscented and temperature controlled for comfort. Efforts to restrict and reduce EMF have been done throughout the 12,800-sf space. Materials, cleaners and all aspects of products are reviewed to be non-toxic and biocompatible. Parking in our attached lot is free in the spaces marked BIOMED.

Our Award-Winning Facility

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