Your First Visit

Attentive, Proactive, and Personalized Care For Every Patient

Take your previous experience of going to the doctor or dentist and turn it upside down. At The BioMed Center New England, we offer a different healthcare approach that tailors every experience specifically to each patient.

Even before you walk in the door, you are the center focus of our care:

  • You’ll start with an initial phone conversation with a Patient Advocate as we begin to learn about you and your health concerns.
  • You’ll create a detailed health history questionnaire that will explore your present concerns, look at family history, and discover patterns of illness.
  • In turn, together we’ll use aspects of your health, including diet, sleep, exercise, stress, relationships, and lifestyle to personalize a care plan just for you.
  • The information that you supply in advance of your appointment will help us prepare for your visit and be added to with more knowledge once you arrive.  

Not everyone comes to The BioMed Center with specific or chronic health concerns. Some come to looking for preventative care (we call it “proactive”) and to learn how to optimize their health. Regardless of the reason, the new patient appointment offers information and resources as beneficial to creating long-term wellness as in addressing disease.

We’re Here to Listen

You’ll find that we do a lot of talking here at The BioMed Center. But even more so, we listen to you. From your first visit (even from the first phone call) you’ll be answering questions to explain who you are, what you want for your health and how we can work together to achieve that. Through it all, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss all your medical and dental concerns, ask questions that you may not have had time to address before, and receive the kind of answers you’ve been looking for. What our patients tell us is that they have felt heard, seen, believed, and understood. We want you to feel the same.

Personalized & Collaborative

Your initial visit is key in developing a personalized, collaborative, and patient-centered relationship. 


For your first medical visit, you’ll meet for an initial conversation with your doctor to review all that you detailed earlier in your questionnaires. A series of noninvasive assessments will be scheduled over the course of the morning and early afternoon to gather further information regarding your health. With all of that done, it’s then time for your doctor to comprehensively evaluate and determine issues, patterns, and root cause.  Typically, you’ll be scheduled to come back the following week (or possibly the next day if you choose a multi-day option) to review all the results in a second consultation. In that appointment, your doctor will discuss the findings and create a course of care that will most benefit you in reaching your health goals, including recommended therapies, nutrition, supplements, exercise, mental and sleep hygiene.


At your first dental visit, you’ll be an active participant of co-discovery, along with your dentist and hygienist. It starts in our library getting to know you and reviewing information from your questionnaires. You’ll then move to a treatment room for a thorough dental exam that includes photographs, dental imaging (including a cone beam CT scan), oral cancer screening, and full charting of your teeth, gum and tissue health. The first appointment with every new dential patient is scheduled for 1½ to 2 hours.

Follow Up:

In most cases, you’ll be invited back the following week for a shorter second appointment to discuss the findings. This allows your dentist time to review all the information from your exam and consider options for your treatment, based on your goals. At this Review of Findings appointment, you’ll gain a larger understanding of your oral health and what it all means, as well as options and recommendations for treatment. Then the decisions are up to you as we plan your timeline and appointments from there.

Continuity of Care

All of this leads to one thing — creating your partnership with each of the doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists, hygienists, and every member of our team. You become an active participant in charge of your health, learning from your assessments and exams, making decisions and helping to direct your care. Throughout it all, you’ll have access to our medical and dental teams, all under one roof.

You can feel comfortable knowing that your whole health is being addressed, there’s no break in your treatment and you’re among people you trust, who know you and have your best interests in mind.

Access to Information

You’ll receive printed and emailed details of your assessments, photographs, and educational materials to aid in your awareness and understanding. We’re always available for questions, consults or extra time to discuss your care. If you wish to involve your spouse or family member in your care or decisions, you are welcome to share your information with others at your request.

Environment of Care

As soon as you enter our doors, you’ll see that everything here was designed to create a warm, inviting and comfortable experience like no other. Sight and sound will calm and relax you, while the atmosphere and attitudes are warm and friendly. You’ll enjoy our nourishment center with a selection of healthy snacks and beverages, and a wall of books nearby for your relaxed perusal.

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Your First Visit

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