Your health is one of your greatest treasures; one of the kindest things you can do for your body is protect it. Here at the BioMed Center of New England, we offer numerous health packages to assess and address any shortcomings in your health, so you can leave prepared to take on the world. No matter what your wellness goals may be, our packages can help you discover a better you!

The Comprehensive Package

When you invest in the comprehensive care package, you’ll undergo a variety of tests to identify and address any issues with your health. For the comprehensive package, this includes:

  • BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis)
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability)
  • ZYTO Scan
  • Thermometry

With the results of these tests, we will better understand your body’s response to stress, as well as your bodily composition and electrical conductivity. This allows us to understand in which areas you need improvement. We can then make informed decisions together about how to best address those issues.

The Deluxe Package

In addition to all of the tests covered by the comprehensive package, the deluxe package also includes a thermometry scan. These scans are crucial in identifying the early stages of dysfunction in the muscles or skeleton, thyroid, female breast, and more. A simple thermometry scan allows us to gain important insight into your organ function and wellness with just a swipe of an infrared wand.

The Premium Package

The premium health assessment package encompasses the benefits of all prior levels. In addition, you’ll receive access to an OligoScan test performed by your doctor. After scanning your head with a spectrometer, we will be able to detect any imbalances in your psychological state. The optical density of minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals will also be measured in the skin and blood vessels. This information is important for our doctors to have when developing tailor-made treatment plans.

The Premium Plus Send-Out Labs Package

Including all the functional tests in the original premium package, this package also tacks on send-out labs. These labs will be useful to you on an ongoing basis; for the times your health doesn’t feel quite well-balanced, we can perform lab tests to determine where the cause may stem from. By doing so, we can target ailments as early as possible and set you up for success.

Paving the Way for a Healthier You

No matter what your wellness goals are, the BioMed Center of New England is here to help you reach them. We work with your preferences and objectives to create the perfect plan for you. With our teams of skilled professionals and our vast selection of health packages, together we can make a difference in your life. Contact us today to learn how our exclusive assessments and personalized process can guide you in your journey to a healthier body and mind!

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