Hendrika “Hennie” Fitzpatrick, MD, AFMCP

Medical Doctor

Dr. Hennie comes from a large family of allopathic physicians and after receiving her undergrad degree in Medical Ethics from Cornell University, she pursued her M.D. from George Washington School of Medicine. Her interest in family dynamics drew her into a newly formed residency in Family Medicine at the University of New Mexico. Following that, she joined the National Health Service Corps for eight years delivering care to medically underserved people. Subsequent involvement in community health programs, particularly with Native Americans, gave her the opportunity to develop clinics and programs that met people where they were, with a sensitivity for honoring individual needs, cultural differences and values. It also continued her feeling that the healing part of medicine was missing.

In 1997 Dr. Hennie and her family moved to Santa Fe. As she looked for new work, she realized that her medical skills did not provide all the tools to allow people to get well. She was introduced to Thomas Rau, MD and the Paracelsus Clinic by coincidence and decided (on a whim) to attend a medical conference by Dr. Rau at the Marion Institute in MA. After the first hour of listening to an introduction to Biological Medicine, she realized her entire career would change. Intrigued by the notion that illness and wellness are informed by the exquisite balance of all of the biological systems in the internal environment, Dr. Hennie became a student of Dr. Rau. She eventually received certification from the Paracelsus clinic and taught European Biological Medicine seminars for four years.

Dr Hendrika Fitzpatrick Holistic Medicine

One of the first physicians to be certified in Functional Medicine, Dr. Hennie created a biologic medical/dental clinic in Santa Fe that included additional integrated therapies for whole-body health. Always the teacher, Dr. Hennie found she was adept at understanding and translating what’s wrong with people’s health in a way they can understand. What she loves most is “learning the whole story, looking at how one thing affects another. What we understand about the magnificent body is incredible.”

Dr. Hennie relocated to the northeast in 2018 to be closer to her five grown children. Joining the BioMed Center in 2019 brings her full circle back to creation, education, and furthering her passion for understanding and treating the root causes of illness.

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